There are very good suggestions when traveling with your pets. Keep a copy of their current vaccinations in the vehicle where you can access them. It is also a good idea to have a vet visit before you travel, and have a health certificate issued to your pet.

If you have a harness for your cat or dog, it’s ideal to leave it on them at all times when the vehicle is involved. It’s more difficult to remove than a collar, and you can clip on i.d. tags, as well as give them a little freedom with the leash from time to time, or keep the leash connected to an attachment point in the vehicle so that when doors open, they can’t jolt out into an unfamiliar place. There are also seat belt restraints that click into the buckle and attach to the D or O ring on their harness.

Will my cat really wear a harness?
There are so many options to chose from, I am sure you can find one that will work. There are jackets, figure 8, H-style, and custom items you can order from marketplaces such as Etsy. We personally use the H. This one buckles around their rib cage and around their neck, with a strap connecting the two from the point at the back of the neck down towards the bottom of the shoulder blades. Figure 8 does not have the strap between the two wrap arounds – “8” vs (this one is sideways)”H”. Another thing is to consider the size of your cat. Weight distributes differently on these felines, so you would want to get a flexible fabric tape measure and jot down some numbers. Not all cats fall into a cookie-cutter Small and Large. Thirteen pounds on my boys make them skinny, and thirteen pounds on my girls present them as rotund. Do not refer to their weight in sizing, but their lengths.

You may also want to get shades for your rear windows. A barrier across the front seats is very helpful, even if it’s not going to stop your pet from trying to come up with you, it’s going to slow them down and hopefully they won’t startle or distract you too much from your job as chauffeur.

Keeping a collapsible silicone dish in your door pocket is not only useful for serving up water and then storing it away, but it is great to have on hand for coming across strays when your pets aren’t around.

If your pet is prone to car sickness, you can try Dramamine or Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet given thirty minutes prior. Dosage varies by weight and species. You can also spritz a calming spray in their carrier or on a blanket or hoodie that will stay near them.

If you stay at a hotel, get familiar with their policy while booking your reservation. Some hotels require you to pay a refundable pet deposit, and others charge a flat pet fee. There are also breed restrictions, weight restrictions, how many pets per room, and potentially policies in place that say not to leave your pets loose in the room without a human. I went to get ice from the machine, didn’t have a crate set up, and had to chase my tortie cat up and down a hotel hallway at 1 a.m. upon my return.

The USDA also has a menu to choose where you are traveling to/thru so you can get more information for that state:
Travel with your pet state to state (Interstate)
Please make sure your pets are allowed so that you won’t be separated. Common pets like hedgehogs, ferrets, some breeds of rats, birds, and even some cats and dogs have been regulated in different areas of the United States.

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