Hoppy Easter

It’s the annual reminder that most all commercial lilies are toxic to cats, and it’s any part of the plant, PERIOD.

Please do not be the hero and get an Easter Bunny. Chocolate bunnies work well (not for the dogs) and if you want to get experience with bunnies before you add one to your family, you would be surprised to know that there are many rescues across the country that are dedicated to rabbits, as well as shelters that actually take them in. Volunteer your time and make sure this is the right move for a long-term addition to your family.

Plastic grass used in Easter baskets are dangerous for all family members if ingested. Crinkled paper style grass is available at most all craft stores, and comes in a variety of colors.

Happy Easter and I’d like to take a moment for the historical losses at the Notre Dame Cathedral today. At the last update there is only one seriously injured first responder, and no confirmed deaths. +