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The website needs updates, and my webmaster is completing his final semester for his Masters in Library Sciences. Go, Dismal.
I have also had a setback. I was involved in an auto collision Monday in Washington D.C. and my car may be totaled, maybe not? I have mixed feelings about this because I was not the only person in my vehicle. No injuries, but mental health is not fantastic. No animals were in the vehicle, either. The family is fine. I need some time.

We were also selected by BasePaws to get Stewart entered into the research program because he is an asthmatic cat. We supplied them with his vet records, and they sent us a CatKit for him. I filled out surveys for him online, and the next step is to take his samples and send them back to BasePaws.

To find out if your cat may qualify, follow this link and view the characteristics and traits they’d like to study. https://www.basepaws.com/science