I ran into an issue uploading photos a few weeks ago, so let’s try this again and see if it’s cleared up.

Weruva sent us the new Slide N’ Serve Paté variety pack (at no charge) for our ladies to evaluate honestly.

The theme of this variety pack is even better than the last one we were able to feature. I’m old enough to understand these, so I thought they were a hoot. It’s pop culture time!

If I ever got a job in marketing with Weruva, I would have a blast. Look at these!

Direct link to product on Weruva

The Brat Pack includes two each of: The Breakfast Cat, Cat to The Future, Meowiss Bueller, Cat Times at Fridgemont, The Karate Kitty, and Cattyshack.

Now that the humans have had their giggle, lets get back to the cats.

Slide N’ Serve have been really convenient. I have some unique clips that work wonderfully with the pouches, and TerraCycle partners with Weruva to recycle your pouches.

These are some great blends. There are beef, salmon, tuna, duck, lamb, shrimp, chicken and pumpkin varieties. My girls have always been particular about their consumption of fish, but they have eaten all of these Brat Pack options. That’s excellent.

Amalie and Princess Yue Pants

All varieties of the Brat Pack are grain, gluten, BPA, and carrageenan free. The average kcal per pouch is 60, while the beef is a bit lighter, so make sure you’re feeding your feline friend according to their daily needs.

You can find Weruva at Petco.com for your cats and dogs, and check out the entire Weruva collection by clicking the banner below.