I did my pet chores this morning, hung out for fifteen minutes, and then thought ‘Where’s Yue?’.
Yue is my ten year old cat, who MEERs every day, has huge crazy blue eyes, and a pink nose.
I went to go find her, and I found her hiding spot. She did not meer. Her blue eyes were gazing distantly. Her nose was not as pink.
I brought her a treat to make sure she would eat, and she took her time. She eventually ate it.
I picked her up a few minutes later and placed her on the pet heating pad next to the window. I checked her gums for color, and I felt inside her ears. Everything seemed okay. I watched her for 30 seconds, and her respiratory rate was fine. I waited 2 1/2 hours and then picked her up and put her in the MeowSpace to go eat. She ate a tiny bit.

This afternoon she is totally fine. 0.o

There was no salad for Murphy this morning at the pig pen. I gave her a blackberry, a piece of red bell pepper, a carrot stick, and a vitamin C cookie. She did not eat the blackberry. The reason there was no salad is because the last container of spring mix I got was very heavy on spinach. Murphy has no appreciation for spinach. I dumped the rest of the spring mix in there yesterday for her to pick through, and it looked like she hadn’t touched it. It was a lonely pile of spinach.
Murphy is my four year old guinea pig. She gets what she wants. She now has an appropriate spring mix I picked up at Target next to Petsmart.

At Petsmart there was a woman with a giant bag of guinea pig food. I inquired. She said her female ended up being pregnant, and then was pregnant again, and she currently has 6. I told her about the local rescue group that does small animals, and that maybe she can get some resources. I also ran into a woman with a small dog that had the exact same build as my departed dog, Lila. This dog was black, and 8 lbs, with the very same figure although Lila was 11 lbs. Her dog was mixed with Shih Tzu. It was always suspected that Lila was mixed with Shih Tzu, but I had no prior experience with the breed. Lila came from a smash face rescue in Palm Springs CA, that picked her up from Bakersfield animal control.

I spent too long at Target today. I did. I wandered. I ended up finding some wool laundry balls on clearance. You’re supposed to be able to use these to shorten dryer time and/or beat the crap out of your load in the dryer instead of using fabric softener. Either way I can use them in the human laundry, or I can use them in the guinea pig laundry. You’re never supposed to use fabric softener on fleece guinea pig laundry.

My boyfriend took one of the balls and gave it to my male cats.
Alright. They work for cat toys, too.

I had to sit around with a movie on as I was waiting for the stock update on the rabbit I needed to order from Hare-Today. Stock updated by 4:55 pm ET. I had advance notice that there would be short supply today because our weather has been too erratic this winter for the breeders to provide any regular supply. By 5:15 pm all the rabbit they posted was sold. I got 44 lbs as well as 10% off with code Springfever2019 for orders over $100 through April 12. My click-thru is posted under links at the top of the page if you’d like to see what they carry.

Ah. I almost forgot. The Petsmart App on your smartphone shows that there will be new coupons to earn on the Treat Trail game in three days, and I received 2x the points for litter through 5/5, so check your offers.