This is our last one from Chewy. We were able to choose a bird item (no charge) to get our parrots’ honest opinion.

Surely you know how opinionated birds can be? Yeah. I know. It’s hit or miss, even if you check off all the right boxes.
They like boxes, too, some days.

We have three green cheek conures, and they are about 75 grams each. We chose to get Polly’s Pet Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Perch in SMALL. The colors/flavors are random, and we received a Goofy Grape. “Oh noes.” – My birds don’t usually like purple at all. But, it turns out it was okay. Idris uses this a lot. She waits for me to take her out first thing in the morning, because it’s mating season and I’ve conditioned her to accept me as her bird right now so she’ll leave everyone else alone. My other two girls are bonded.

However, I’ll repeat : IT IS MATING SEASON

All my birds are DNA’D female, but last year we ended up witnessing Koi laying ten eggs for Jak. If my birds would chew on this (it’s chew-able) it is an excellent source of nutrients they need to keep up with the egg laying.

Give your pal a perch he can actually eat with the Polly’s Pet Products Tooty Fruity Bee Pollen Bird Perch. It’s made with all natural, 100% highly digestible calcium and bee pollen for a tasty, nutritious treat. The calcium is essential to keeping your bird healthy, and bee pollen is packed with nutrients like active enzymes, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins. Plus, it also doubles as a perch that gently trims nails as your pal walks on it, and his beak as well! It’s easy to set up either on the side of the cage or on the top, and is proudly made in the USA by a family-owned company with a passion for birds.

My girls never chew these things and they never trim their own nails. No one was afraid of it, they did use it, and it’s an appropriate size for them. Thanks for modeling, Idris!

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