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I tried to think of a few ways to present the new version of the report, but a PDF would be most useful. I’m just not sure if I know how to put PDF files on here, so I printed out the reports for both Princess Yue Pants and Tommy Gargoyle, and adjusted the photos. Go ahead and click on them, and they will blow up so you can read them. The cats they listed as being in common with my cats has updated, with about half of them being eliminated from this Alpha report. I’m guessing it’s because they grouped my two cats into either a “Western” breed or an “Eastern” breed, and while their percentage was favorable towards Eastern, they were both designated Western, so I guess the other ones drop. I was hoping for more insight into health issues, but they only provide the one top breeds and the issues that those breeds typically present. These reports will be updated at a later time, as they expand their research. My guess is that they have to build a decent database for purebred cats, and then go into the mutts we, which most all of you with cats have as well. Breeding cats started much more recently than the breeding of dogs, so this isn’t as easy as you might think. They also request cats with certain health issues and traits and study their genes as well, like cats with asthma. It’s a slow going process getting your feet off the ground as a company ready to present to consumers.

For reference I am providing a few photos of these cats of mine:


This guy

Tommy favors the Russian Blue breed in attitude and looks, but Yue has more predominance to that breed than he does. Yue favors Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cats, but she’s only 10 lbs, and those two breeds were further down in her list.

The vomit Princess

I am looking forward to future updates. P.S. Tom does have FLUTD. He came down with it when he was 7.

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