I realized I hadn’t given any update for March. Her blood came back and appeared negative for lymphoma. Her weight went up, then back down, and we went to the local vet and she was put on antibiotics because she was doing this weird huffing. They wanted to do a few tests, but that would have maxed the CareCredit out again, and I need it open for emergencies.

She’s received 2 of 3 Lupron injections, and her 3rd is next month to have these ovarian cysts treated non-surgically.

Murphy is laying around today, not asking me for treats every time she sees me, and only ate half her offering of carrot. I decided to weigh her to make sure she’s not going into a slump again. Surprise, surprise… She’s up to 960 grams.

She is a little pissed with me not dropping a hay bomb on her like we usually do. I want to put in a 9 lb order of her Oxbow Orchard Grass to Chewy.com, but in the meantime I picked up the Timothy Hay Stacks at Petsmart. She firmly believes that I am screwing with her.
As well she should; She’s 4 years old and should get what she wants.