INNX sent me this item at a discount so that I could check their product out for you. I’ve written a spot on a seat belt strap that buckles in while connected to your pet’s harness, and now we’re trying out a barrier. I ran into some confusion during install, because the product insert said there are three different sizes recommended for different sized vehicles. The product link that I am about to show you will state this “Universal for Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, Suvs, Vehicles, Dogs, Pets, Seatback, Front Seat, Heavy Duty and Portable, 11.8″W x 23.6″H

Oh? I drive a sedan. The better fit would 12.6″ H
I dug a little. I found there is another listing with the smaller and medium nets listed here: clickclickclickclick

c’est la vie

There are two larger hooks and two smaller hooks. The large ones connect at the bar of any adjustable headrest, both driver and passenger. The two smaller hooks connect to the bottom of each of those seats, anywhere available. There are tips that you should not stretch this more than 100% to avoid injury. It also seems to indicate that you will see best results with well behaved dogs between the weights of 10-50lbs. Your dog can get tangled, but this stretches to hold items between the layers of net, such as water bottles or food bowls or you can even stuff your leash in there.

Mr Bakkenthief was not amused

The sulking view from Mr Bakkenthief.
“I really want to jump into human’s lap but this thing is in the way.”

“Human could put my squeakers in there.”
– Mr Bakkenthief

Personally, I love #5. This is a pet accessory, not a cargo net. The connecting pieces are all plastic. I don’t know how well this would perform back in Phoenix, when temperatures inside your vehicle are consistently LAVA. But, I’m in Maryland, where it’s currently highs of 35 and 75, twice a week.

INNX does provide a 1 year warranty. If you notice in their Amazon listings, there are no visible plastic hooks. I see carabiners!

I’m laughing. Can you laugh with me? I LOVE this concept, but I see a few things you can do with it to improve your performance, and obviously, so have they! All three nets are Prime eligible, so you can receive yours quickly, and if you’re concerned over the safety of the open net itself, this is still great for storage, and you can lay a blanket over it.

PS – I just checked that discount code, and possibly there is a language barrier here – It reduces your cost down to $5 for one barrier, no matter the size.