We were introduced to Weruva around 2017, and it keeps impressing my cats.
Weruva provided us this new flavor for an honest review. There is no compensation and I can’t afford paid actors; these were real cats.

My girls have lots of success with Cats in the Kitchen, but today the Stew! went to our boys. Hydration and Omega 3s are very important to them in particular, because of the backstory. Tommy is a FLUTD cat. He’ll get unspecified inflammation, and we took Tom and Stewart off kibble when Tommy started having urinary blockages. He’ll be eating wet food for the rest of his life, and the only treats he gets are freeze dried. Omega 3s are a natural anti-inflammatory and support a healthy heart.

Weruva Stews! are carrageenan, gluten, and grain free. Pleasantly surprised that the first three ingredients in this flavor are Duck Broth, Duck, and Salmon. It’s not just “water sufficient for processing”. Neat.

Here is a tip: Any of these small slider chip clips may work for the pouches, but we prefer GripStic. It creates an excellent seal and they make a size that are perfect for these pouches.

I would also like you to know you can recycle the empty pouches with TerraCycle. More information on the program here.

Yes, Stewart got to have some, too!