I have this thought that will usually repeat every month, as to why they want to play with giants?

My rats were social and brilliant in their interactions with the humans. They play with giants! Giants that they can’t even “see”. We’re these large, blurry entities. They mark us with their urine so we’re easier to find, and they might not recognize us so well after a makeover. But, they love us, in many many cases. I would leave George with her rat, Jane, while I went to work, and when I’d come home and open the front door and call “GEORGIE!”, she would spin in circles. Her human was home.

The guinea pigs are naturally prey animals, and very few of them decided to interact with me, but there have been a few social ones.
Dear Giant, will there be treats? Yes, I will accept a noogie for treats. The nail clippers? I will still have tootsies when you finish? Okay, human.

The parrots are crazy. I have three, and two are bonded, and every morning they are happy to see me. I can ignore them, and they will call for me. I look over and declare, “WHAT?”, and they start bouncing with their ‘Yes, c’mere!’. I approach, and sometimes I will speak and other times I won’t, and if I put my face next to them silently, they will walk over and kiss my nose. We have conversations.
They don’t really need me. They have a cage that stays open all day, and they are partially or fully flighted, and from time to time they still call me over. I am huge. I have no feathers. Most of the time I sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher.
I may be sitting on the couch, and Idris will cross the guinea pig pen to sit closer to me while I watch television. I might be eating, and Koi Monkey crosses the guinea pig pen to see what I’ve got. “Ha ha, Monkey… Nooooo *shakes head*”, and she walks away.
Why do they care for humans? We’re HUGE. We’re not supposed to exist in their wild.

Dogs have the Very Good Boy syndrome. Love their humans. Maybe humans are what happens when your wolf loses its fur.

If you think your cats don’t care about these giants, then I am sorry, but yours hasn’t fully ripened yet and was pulled too early from the cat tree. When I’m gone for the day, everyone wants to sit with me when I return. They believe it has been a week. One particular offender is Princess Yue Pants: She yowls outside my bedroom door for 2 hours after the house is shut down because she didn’t get her momma time in.
Dear Princess: You are 10 lbs. I am at least 4 foot taller than you, and several inches wider. My tail was removed before it was time to walk, as is customary in this country. There are 3 other members of your clowder. Why me?

How are we so trustworthy, comfortable, and familiar? Are we easily trainable and every species knows it?
“In the year one million and a half / humankind is enslaved by giraffe.”