It’s very useful, though.

Amalie is my stray that I took in years ago, and she ends up at the vet about every two years for her dental disease. Now, she’s at the concerning point in her longevity that she is a senior of unknown distinction.

My girl might be about 13 or so, and it’s been advised every year to get her full wellness panel. It is time, but I’ve been putting it off because our bills have been insane, all cats need their 3 year rabies renewed, and Amalie’s Wellness Bill runs about $400.

But, I think this week I need to schedule it because Google has told me the following:

Amalie may have just had an intense spell of nausea. I’ve never seen this before. I don’t keep plants in the house because of potential toxic ingestion. I wash out the food dishes all the time, and she’s already on daily CDB for her achy little body.

She was asleep for an hour or two on a pillow, and suddenly woke up to have large amounts of foam come from her mouth. I cleaned her up, and then she went to go sit alone under the cat tree for about ten minutes, until she asked if she could come lay all over me like old lady house cats have the right to do.

Thank you, Google. I think I’ll take her in and check all her values. She’s casually waving her tail over my arm, wondering when I’m going to notice I’m not petting her.