Chewy gave us Natural Balance to review this month at no charge, and it turned out Princess Yue Pajama Pants was a bit too enthusiastic.

Catatouille Chicken and Chicken Liver Stew with gravy

Delectable Delights available on Chewy for cats and dogs

My girls are the fussy ones, more specifically Amalie, but neither of them like fish. Weird for kitties, right? But, it worked out well because from what I can tell, both girls ate this BUT I AM GOING TO POINT THE FINGER OF MOM AT YUE FOR BEING PRINCESS SNARF AND BARF. I can never put her Catatouille out if the bowl has been empty for more than 1 hour. Natural Balance has several flavors of these trays available, but only one as primarily chicken. The other option is a tuna and chicken pate called Land’n Sea Cats-erole. The other choices sound tasty like Sea Brulee Stew, O’Fishally Scampi, Purrrfect Paella, and Life’s a Beach.

Natural Balance Catatouille is made in the USA as grain free, corn, soy, wheat, artificial colors and bleached ingredient-FREE
Delectable Delights come in a 12-2.5oz case for the cats and may not break your bank (depends… I’m kind of Holiday Broke right now), although you can save an extra 5% off with Autoship and Save.

obligatory Princess Pants photo

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