I realized I last discussed about Lily’s passing, but I haven’t updated on Murphy other than her temperament.

My last guinea pig, Murphy (Lily’s daughter), ended up breaking a tooth on something. Now, she has malocclusion, and gets her dental done on Monday. Everything needs trimmed under anesthesia from her molars to her incisors.

Again I am hand feeding my guinea pig, giving liquid vitamin C, and then cutting produce into matchsticks until she gets this taken care of.

The new vet is by the house, and I never want to use them again, but I’ve already been to Fairfax twice this month for Lily, and the driving is wearing me out. They are competent by their ratings, but I will always prefer bedside manner a certain way. I started my family with a very awesome veterinarian who passed away about five years ago, and I choose my vet teams based on who he was good colleagues with. I am so drained from this awful illness Lily was suddenly afflicted with, but I’m just doing my Murph Murph close to home this time.
If and when it’s time to do her spay, I will take her back to Fairfax.

She’s still in a pretty great mood considering everything. She’s still able to eat the long strand hay just fine.