My title is not as bad as it seems, but you’ll understand this in a few.

Murphy somehow managed to break the other tooth next to the broken one, and I assume they are more even. I can’t confirm because they are sharp, and she bites when you try to muzzle her with your fingertips to take a look. She is eating more comfortably, but she’s still getting her dental work done on Monday. I weighed her today and she is about thirty grams PLUS from where she was last week.
Soooooooooooooooo I haven’t been hand-feeding.

Which is great, but I’m afraid this is going to spin negatively on me somehow. How? This other vet that is local to me is suspect of my husbandry. I am afraid they are going to think that I tried to clip the longer incisor just because I’d mentioned I’d done it in the past, and that Murphy is combative so we were seeking their professional help. Their bedside and my bedside don’t mix, they know nothing about me, and they are very textbook “always rely on your medical professionals”. I didn’t use my regular vet because it’s a 2 hour round trip, across state lines, and I am burnt out, frankly.

I do a lot of things I have been shown how to do, and read up on. The only guinea pig’s teeth I ever trimmed was Cici’s top incisor when she was about 2-3 months old. Her teeth were still young, she was blind and mostly deaf, the tooth was growing out like a tusk so it was approximately at the length it was supposed to be before it curved outward sharply. I clipped that tooth and filed it, and was in contact with my vet throughout the week, and it grew straight after that, even with only 1 lower incisor – FOR THREE MORE YEARS UNTIL SHE DIED.

I don’t know what was with this vet last week but snidely she said that it likely never grew back the same because I fractured the tooth.

I also didn’t feel like telling them I had a rat that had an issue with overgrown lower incisors that were professionally trimmed the first time, and then we used all the same tools, and 2 adults, to wrangle him about every 6 weeks for a year and a half, and trimmed his lower teeth.

I disclaim this as often as I can: Do NOT do things you are not comfortable and confident with, or haven’t been shown how to do, just because you’re trying to save money. If you can do all of the above: Comfortable, Confident, Educated, AND SAVE MONEY – Sweet deal.

I also had permission to put Lily down at home that Wednesday night earlier this month. I had discussed that option with the vet during the last appointment, and we verified it is still acceptable by the AVMA and not considered inhumane, as well as getting the numbers for what their office charges and their euthanasia policies. When I contacted the vet about her last set of symptoms, I was told it was fatal, and with them closing in an hour (an hour from my house) I could assist her passing if I felt that’s what I wanted to do. I didn’t though, because I still had hopes for her.

Murphy is gaining weight and I am not going to use that vet clinic after next week. My personal policy is that I once had an amazing veterinarian that worked with exotics. Unfortunately he passed about 5 years ago. I HOP HIS COLLEAGUES. Anyone I can find that he’s worked with and spoke at conferences with and taught with, and traveled with: I use their facilities.