This guy

Tommy Gargoyle

We are already working to add five new breeds to the database (including Munchkin, Russian Blue, and Norwegian Forest Cat) and will be introducing health markers for PKD, HCM, blood type and others.” – email

Tommy’s profile might still change as the new breeds are added, but this is what we got:

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This is too funny. He got a mixed recognized breed of the exact two cats listed beneath, in similarity. Tonkinese, Burmese, and Siamese.
He’s still a Domestic, but has a much stronger similarity with his top three breeds than his sissie, Princess Yue Pants.


All these cats sound like total characters, as is my bub

5. Ragdoll
6. Oriental Shorthair
7. Napoleon

Napoleon. *snerk*

8. Devon Rex
9. British Shorthair
11.American Shorthair

There ya go. This isn’t like when I took my 2 DNA tests at all. I find Tom’s results entirely amusing, because if he’s carrying traits from all these random breeds, it explains so much on why this guy has always been a nutter. Variety is the Spice of Life, and that is my baby cat. As we get new results, I will keep you updated on both cats we’ve had tested.

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