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Nature’s Miracle makes a large line of products, and my cats keep us busy using their products. We just moved into a house with carpet running from the front door to the two smaller bedrooms. Oh no, we thought, as one cat had piddled in fear on the hallway carpeting, when Stewart had her cornered. We had just moved in, and couldn’t find this new product in our home, or our bottle of Advanced enzymatic cleaner. I left in my car and came home an hour later with our trusty red bottle from the old residence where we were still cleaning things out. The next week, I located our new Oxy trial bottle.

I was nervous to try it out on my cats. I just did their litter boxes a few days ago and sprayed them out with Nature’s Miracle Oxy Pet Stain & Odor Remover, waited five minutes, and wiped them out. It doesn’t smell anything like my routine Nature’s Miracle, but the cats found the “Fresh Scent” as unoffensive, and used all the litter boxes in the house within 15 minutes.

I also think someone vomited on the carpeted stairs yesterday, so I sprayed some on over it, and laid a towel down and walked on that to blot it. Stewart hasn’t told me that something smells offensive on the stairs, yet. When he smells bodily fluids that don’t belong, he will attempt to cover them up and bury them, whether it’s Yue vomit, or his own spray from when he’s anxious.

I have had no complaints from the cats. If my snooty cats have no problem with it, I’m sure your dog will be okay with it as well.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply directly to pet.

They have a separate line of product for that. There is even a line to put in your laundry, to clean your carpets…All kinds.

The vomit Princess

She just heaved up a tablespoon or so of wet food right outside my bedroom door less than five minutes ago. Out with the spray again.
Stewart already walked by the now drying carpet, and had nothing to tell me about it. He’s sitting on my laptop bag, minding his own business.

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