I’m a little behind, but let me share some new items with you. In a separate post, we will be using our cats, but with Oxbow we tested our guinea pigs.

What Chewy gave us (gratis) this month were Vitamin C Tabs, made with compressed hay, and very easy to administer to your guinea pig. While they have an entire line for your small exotics ranging from chinchillas to rabbits for a variety of health topics, it is essential that you make sure your guinea pig receives regular vitamin C, either through a quality pellet *yay, Oxbow*, fresh fruits and veggies, or a supplement – ESPECIALLY IF YOUR GUINEA PIG IS POORLY. These are great for recovering sows and boars after surgery or illness… if your guinea pig is not too clever: I will explain shortly.

Find it here!

Provide essential Vitamin C to support your small pet’s overall health with Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Small Animal Supplement. Like humans, Guinea Pigs cannot produce Vitamin C on their own and rely on their diet for this essential vitamin. Without it, Guinea Pigs can develop a condition that in humans is known as scurvy. This condition can cause lethargy, weight loss, poor tooth development and nasal discharge. Oxbow Natural Science Vitamin C Small Animal Supplement is a hay-based, high-fiber supplement containing the essential stabilized Vitamin C Guinea Pigs need to stay healthy. Other small pets can benefit from this supplement during times of stress, illness or recovery. Along with Vitamin C, it contains timothy grass, barley flour and oat grout flour for fiber and flax seed meal for protein. Feed rabbits, Guinea Pigs and chinchillas 1 tab a day and rats ¼ tab a day.

cherry tomato to scale

I don’t have the original packaging. My famously hungry cat, Tommy Gargoyle, stole the bag from beneath the guinea pig pen, carried it across the house, and started eating it under my bed. So… that happened.

1) cat approved (oh geez)
2) My youngest piggy, Murphy, took these from me right away
3) I tried Murphy’s mom, Lily. “Lady. These are not treats. You said there would be treats.”
3.1) Try Lily the next day “Lady. Why do you insist they are treats? You said there would be treats. I agree: They are not poisonous.”
3.2) Try Lily the next day “Hey Lady. I’ll take it from you, but promise me a treat soon.”
3.3) Try Lily the next day “Hey Lady. Oh! Thank you!”

Everyone approves. If I can continue to convince Lily if she is ever poorly, this is so much easier than handling her when she feels like yuck, than to end up giving her a liquid syringe of vitamin C through her adorable piggy lips.

Even still, a few years ago, I was giving the Urinary Support tabs to guinea pigs Chai and Mu-Xi. Chai had bladder sludge and was 7 or 8 years old.

If your pet refuses to try something, hang in there for a few days if you can. Their reluctance and your persistance together might just turn things around.

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