I’m having a problem with the timing of my cat food. The rabbit supplier did not have stock to meet last’s weeks cutoff for shipping. I got the restock notification later in the week, so my order is shipping today. It won’t be here until Wednesday, and it’s usually frozen. I am almost sure by my math that I will run out of the boys’ raw cat food by Wednesday. I have a bag of commercial raw in my freezer, just for things like this, but I’m not sure how many days worth are in it. Thawing out the rabbit and the turkey will commence when the rabbit arrives, but it likely will not be ready to make the cat food until Saturday.

I may have to buy another bag from the pet store.

Then there is another item of concern: I move in a little less than three weeks. I’ll be moving with a rather large box of homemade cat food in ice cube trays, plus 27 lbs of frozen rabbit, into a house without a dedicated freezer.

I am aiming for purchasing a large upright frost-free freezer with the sales around the fourth of July, and then request they deliver it the 13th or 14th to the new house, before we vacate this house on the 15th.

It’ll work out. It has to.

In other news, I think my back issues are finally starting to subside after two weeks. Which is great, because I have a bunch of stuff to do. I ordered the largest uHaul truck they have, hoping to not have to disassemble the bird cage or pig pen. I still think I have to hire movers to help because I am not a physical person, and Dismal can’t carry a sofa or dresser by himself, no matter how creative he is.
The big part of this move that has us apprehensive, is that the upstairs of the house is carpeted. Our male cats have this tiny little issue of spraying things (especially Tom) when they are worked up about something. Tommy gets food anxiety, if you can believe that? He eats 6 times a day, and is always convinced it’s never coming again. I’m thinking of getting indoor/outdoor runners to put along the front of closet doors and regular doors around the upstairs. Just a thought.