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In June, everything around the house seems to have hit the fan, so I’m a bit behind – But let me tell you how the girls did with this item we chose at no charge from

The ladies are fussy. I will tell you that any food I’ve tried through Chewy always ends up being signed off on by my oldest male, Tommy Gargoyle. It’s the ladies that we want to pass the test.

It’s a hit. We got the Minced Recipe in chicken, and the gravy gets licked off first, but they finish it with no fuss. I have to admit that we are very familiar with Nature’s Variety Instinct in this house. We’ve done kibble with Raw Boost, Healthy Weight kibble, raw frozen medallions, and pate cans. I truly hope you will find something that works for your family.

Take a look

Satisfy your pet’s need for real food with Instinct by Nature’s Variety Grain-Free Minced Recipe with Real Chicken Wet Cat Food Cups. Guided by the belief in raw, this recipe unlocks your cat’s ability to thrive. It’s thoughtfully balanced with wholesome foods, like real chicken plus fruits and vegetables, with a delicious minced texture in a savory gravy. The result is a tasty, high animal protein diet that promotes maximum digestibility, strong muscles, and a healthy coat and skin.
97 kcal/3.5 oz cup

The amount that your cat will need is totally dependent on your cat based on their weight and activity, or if you are doing combination feeding with both wet and dry food.

Amalie and Princess Yue Pants

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