Everyone is perfectly fine.
School let out in the middle of June.
My back started screwing up weeks ago and hasn’t mended. I don’t get it.
As school let out, Dismal and his children fly to Phoenix so they get summer with their mother. I am in charge of the house entirely for these few days.
Dismal came back for a few days.
Dismal left for vacation in Florida. I am in charge of the house entirely for 1 week.
Stuff has to be done in prep for a move across town next weekend.
Lots of arrangements with accounts and utilities and uHaul and movers.
Chores, errands, chores, errands.
Making a large batch of raw cat food.

I haven’t set firm deadlines for anything if it hasn’t been related to moving and getting the house together so the kids can come back and transition into a new house in a new school year at a new school without a bunch of tragic teenager bullsnot plaguing them.

I have a bird product I would like to see if we can demo for you that didn’t make it in May because Monkey laid an omelette.

Things should start to calm down around the third week of July. We have three days to move into the new house and clean up the old house. I think I am going to try to move the animals over on day 1, because day 2 we have uHaul and the movers, and day 3 is final clean up at the old residence.

How am I turning 36 this month and don’t have a mortgage? I spent a decade in Phoenix and it never occurred to me that “hey I really think I should buy a house here” and that we spent so much money on the cross country 2 years ago that nothing has accrued to put towards a down payment. Besides- Our property management company makes things pretty easy.

I really need to go back to work after we settle in and get Dismal’s semester schedule from the university. It’ll finally pay off Tommy’s vet bills. I think we’re down to eight thousand. Then Amalie’s dental work. Then the old guinea pig bills from Mu-Xi, Potsticker, and then Lily’s spay.

I’ve gotten better with cooking great recipes around sales and couponing, instead of meal planning and THEN shopping. Sweet jeebs, I can save up to $200 a month for a family of 13. FOUR. FAMILY OF FOUR.