No more eggs. Koi Monkey has been charming. She hasn’t been goofing off in her previous nesting location and is very active and outgoing. She talks to me all the time and we banter back and forth with our birdie phrases. Sometimes she wants to hang out with me personally, and sometimes she hops on my finger to go look out the window above the screen.

If I start talking to her from across the room, she’ll bob up and down enthusiastically to beckon me over to her.

I can’t say for sure that her chest feathers are in a state to grow back yet, as I can only get a good look at the area when she’s wet after a bath. Other than that, she’s absolutely floofy (floofie?) and it’s not blatantly obvious she began plucking.

I need to go fetch another sea grass mat from the basement to give the girls something to do after they destroyed the last one. It’s okay; it’s their job.