When Tommy was a young man, his mother overdid it and let him eat all the time, and balloon to 21 lbs.
That was me. I love this guy, and I didn’t know better.
We got his measurements taken at the vet’s office and they told me he was honestly a 13.1 lb cat underneath.
We took a few years and got him to his goal weight. I wasn’t sure we’d reached it until we had to do another vet visit for issues with him spraying. They updated his records with his new weight, and he got a prescription for Prozac.
Maintaining his weight was easy. He was 7 years old. I found out he was losing weight again last May, and we worked for 2 months to slowly bring it back up because he was due to go under general anesthesia in July for a teeth cleaning.
Why are you losing all this weight, Tom? It was almost a pound, and I hadn’t changed his diet.
I got him back up to 13 lbs, and later in January, I took him off the Prozac.
Here comes the weight loss again. He started acting like that kitten I met back in 2009. Instant metabolism at 9 years old.
He eats A LOT of food. He’s on a raw diet with 6 1/2 ounces a day, and the mix includes all the skin from the poultry. By comparison, Stewart is 13 lbs and only eats 4 ounces a day.
Tom still loses weight.
I have to supplement his feeding. You can do this with egg yolk, but I decided to use dehydrated raw from Stella and Chewy. We had received it once from Chewy to try on the girls (they haven’t liked raw food no matter how they receive it) and then from the booth at BlogPaws in Kansas City this year. He’s been getting 1/4 cup 1xday almost every day.
He’s gained a few ounces since May. Finally.
Tom weighed 12 lbs 6 oz this morning. Dude… that is a lot of food.

I did get blood done last year to check for hyperthyroidism, but he was clear. It’s an add-on test for another $100 from the regular blood work. When in doubt, “check it out”.