Yes, but not really.

“Because of the frequency of Domestic/mixed breed in the cat population, even a slight deviation from Domestic indicates a preference for this breed. The width of the marker indicates the exactness of our prediction. If your cat does not clearly match a breed, your cat is most likely a Domestic.”

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These are Princess Yue Pants’ Top three commonalities above.

4. Tennessee Rex
5. Birman
6. Devon Rex
7. Siamese
8. Japanese Bobtail
9. Himalayan
16.British Shorthair
17.Ragdoll (this is what we’d expected somewhere, and she has a little influence)
18.Egyptian Mau
19.American Shorthair

The Wild Cat Index they list for her is something that I truly don’t understand, yet.
Her top result is for the Fishing Cat.

What I am waiting for, as data presents itself, are the next reports for both “Health” and “Features”, so I can tell you what we’ve found and what to expect.

We do still have one cat pending: Tommy Gargoyle
Tommy is very different from his sissy, Yue. We’re excited over the next completed sequencing for him.

Tommy Gargoyle

So what does this mean?
TICA or The International Cat Association wasn’t even established until 38 years ago. It recognizes 71 breeds for competing in their championships. There are only 4,000 members world wide. Purebred cats don’t have the history that purebred dogs do when compared to the stats for the AKC (202 breeds and 134 years of experience).
Your cat may show many markings, temperament, build of a certain breed, but they weren’t selectively bred from that breed.
You have a beautiful domestic cat. Your best friend can be from many mixed lines and came out into this wonderful combination that is your own. If you do have a Pure Breed cat result, then your feline is in an elite class of well intentioned breeders bringing him or her into this world to make that breed better.

Your results will continue to update over time, though I can’t say how far apart the updates may be, as BasePaws recently made it to their alpha reports after a year of compiling.

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