We’ll be working on tearing down and resetting another rental home; working with both our things and the pets’ belongings. We might have to come up with a new system for feeding the girls separate from the boys, again. Time to figure out where to place the pens and cages, and go through what’s in storage and do donations. We were hoping to postpone this by 1 more year, but life doesn’t always work out.
Cool thing is we might be able to just transfer the security deposit or pay it in installments.
I’ve worked on my resume and have started looking for a job. My position as a caregiver for my disabled veteran is ongoing, as is the blog and social media with life, news, and product testing. Before that – I am a professional customer service agent in medium sized corporate call centers. My service voice is so different from my “TOM!” voice, but I just have to have a recruiter allow me to show them that I can. I have located a few part time positions not far from where we’ll be moving, that are running a three month contract over the summer. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I’ll still be looking.
Tomorrow evening I am running cat supplies to Baltimore. I have a lot of fishy samples of cat food from retailers and manufacturers that we don’t need to test, as well as some dry food samples and prizes, and then SIX BAGS OF SMARTCAT LITTER when our business card was chosen at BlogPaws. It’s really good stuff. Also, if you need to pick up any Solid Gold food at Petco or Petco Unleashed, use this coupon before Sunday.