The one thing worse than unexpected vet bills dropping your credit score, would to be in a position where you had no credit to take on those vet bills for the sake of your pet.
This spring has dropped me down at least 70 points, but luckily I still have credit lines available. They’re dwindling, so I’m probably going to have to work my resume and check out CareerBuilder for the area I live in, and put in a year paying down half my debts with the extra income. It’s perfectly normal to be concerned that you might not be able to afford your pet’s care. Accidents happen. Genetics happen. Disease happens. Tommy’s care from last year is being bankrolled by Dismal paying his CareCredit bill and the Best Buy Visa. I’m paying for what I charged his surgery on my American Express, which I was using for my own medical bills.
Do you have any savings? Have you had it exhausted in a week or a month’s time? Did you have pet insurance that took a large burden off you?