This guinea pig is running my life! Several times a day, she’ll see me walk through the dining room, and she just starts accosting me. Then whatever she’s dreaming about for snacks sounds great to her daughter, Murphy, and she joins in as well. Lily has been hopping in and out of the hay box more easily than she has in months, and I often find her standing up as tall as she can on the side of the cage or water bottle, as she’s inquiring about what snacks Hey Lady has available today.
Stretched up big and tall, nose wavering high in the air.

People, I think she’s over it. The spay was really invasive, and then after a week she was back in with Murphy, but was so cranky that she was upsetting Murphy’s usual calm. I got her meds finished and off I went to Missouri for a week. I get back and within 2-3 days they realize the shift is back to normal from That Man to Hey Lady, and she’s been feeling great.

One thing I have not seen is the hair growing back in much on her sides from where she was chewing it out before the surgery. I don’t know if she’s still barbering, or the regrowth is slow.

I’m really proud of her.