I haven’t written anything about this, because I don’t want to jinx it. Tommy came home from the Annandale VA hospital February 17th 2017 from having his Perineal Urethrostomy performed.

I keep seeing progress updates showing on my Facebook Memories, and we’re up to the point that he had learned how to flip his soft collar down and I had to go pick up a hard cone. I’ve watched people having complications from this procedure over on The Cat Site, over the last year. Their cats get incontinent, stricture and block again. Their cats have hard times with pain management, and their cats stop eating. I’ve seen all kinds of things happen, but with Tommy – we have been blessed.

His recovery was uneventful. His pain management very little. He perked right up after his Buprenorphine wore off. He was only eating a little bit less when he was under the influence of the bupro. I kept adding bone broth to his food. Less than a week after his surgery, I had to try to calm him down because he had energy enough to act like an idiot around his mom and dad. TOM! YOU’RE GONNA PULL YOUR STITCHES! He was super bored. Also, his sissy Yue was afraid of him for awhile after he’d come back home smelling like facilities and with a cone around his neck. His father slept with him for two weeks in the living room.

So…it’s been a year. Tommy did go under anesthesia one more time last year to get his teeth cleaned with his sissy in July. He’s almost 9 years old. His first blockage was November 30th 2016 and his last blockage was on Valentines Day 2017. Whew.