I have taken in animals with the thought of finding them a qualified home, and then something comes up. My second to last Foster Failure was my cat, Amalie. I brought her into my home, and then found out how bad her dental situation was. Instead of informing and new home about her condition, and hoping for the best, I invested in it and kept her myself. I had my parents cosign a CareCredit card because it was shortly after my bankruptcy*, just so I could take care of Amalie. Her gums were bloody and angry, and her teeth didn’t look right aside from the tartar, as well as one canine looking like it was trying to abscess. That’s it… I’m your Mother.

I’ve put her through 2 dental procedures where we ended up doing 5 extractions. Her last was Spring, two years ago. I checked out her mouth last month and one of her teeth looks questionable again, and the gums extremely angry. I’m not made of money, but I’m your Mother, so we have to make this work.

I also like shopping.

I keep going to websites where I usually look for deals, and then have to slap myself on the wrist because I have plans to pay those merchant cards off before April. I’ll be having a new balance on one credit card just for her dental, so I need to stop having payments on other credit cards, PLUS the conference and road trip in April so the balance is going to go up one a different card I’m using, and so will my minimum payment on THAT card. Juggle the cards. Juggle the cards. Juggle my money with Priorities and Foster Failures.

*if I’m bankrupt why am I taking care of new animals when the courts have proven I can’t take care of myself?
Reasons. Some people have children they shouldn’t be able to afford either; I just didn’t get my uterus involved.
Hello. My name is Lala. It has been 37 months since my last adoption.