I packed up Amalie and Stewart and we trekked to the vet yesterday. Amalie needed pre op for a dental, and Stewart hadn’t been seen in over a year and is on Prozac.

Amalie has always wished that we never let Stewart into our home. He’s wild. He moved in when he was approximately 10 months old, and hadn’t had his neuter, and he was a stray. It took him a long time to settle into being a house cat. Now, he’s cuddly and has some manners, but he’s still crazy. She knows this… so I had her carrier in the front seat and his in the back seat, and then at the vet Stewart would go first.

Stewart was apprehensive out of his carrier in the exam room. He kept walking around like a guinea pig. He did okay for not having his father there, and started growling during the exam because his sides got touched. He doesn’t like that. Then they had to draw blood just to get the a-ok to keep up on his meds. This is when the world hit the fan. He hates needles, and he doesn’t like you screwing with his vulnerable stuff. They had to take blood from inside his back leg. He screamed and writhed and thrashed and screamed and screamed and screamed. He was toweled in a double purrito with two towels. He kept trying to bite anything he could reach, which wasn’t much. He was hyper aggressive and violent. When he was done, the assistant and I pulled open the front of the purrito he was in at the opening of his carrier and then she and I pushed from the rear like ‘in the carrier, dude! that is your salvation!’. We locked the carrier up hurriedly and he laid down as soon as we placed it back on the floor. There wasn’t a peep out of him until later on the car ride home.

Amalie gets out of her carrier, and all she wants to do is cuddle. They go through the exam and she keeps arching her back, trying to make the routine physical into a love-fest. Ama loves people, loves lovin’. She had to have her blood drawn as well to check all her organ function, whites, and thyroid. The assistants come back in and grab my cat, and Amalie is into it. She’s got one tech wrapped around her while the other is doing the poking. No towels. No screaming. She lets out a tiny, soft whine, and I pet her face while they’re are finishing things up and she stops whining. And we were done. Then she went back into her carrier with little coaxing.

On the ride home, Stewart tried to talk to me again. It was clear he had over thrown his voice. He couldn’t get his words out; they were all broken up. That wild boy.

Later in the evening he decided to cuddle with me. Stewburger is just crazy. He’s six years old now.

I got my email from the vet this morning stating all was well with both cats and we will proceed with plans.
Stewart is cleared to go from 2.5 mg of Prozac to 5 mg of Prozac, if his father chooses.
Amalie is getting her teeth cleaning on March 5th. Now, she does have a history dealing with FORLs, so we might have to lose another tooth but x-rays will confirm. Read more about FORL here.