I have t-shirts with sayings about my guinea pigs and my cats, with clever puns and beautiful graphics. I have jewelry with resin cat skulls, a hair clip fall that I’d made after collecting my two conures feathers for a season, a special sterling silver strawberry pendant filled with my first three amazing guinea pigs’ ashes. I’ve got tattoos, vinyls on my car, my license plate says “WHEEK” surrounded by a frame that says “I’d rather be playing with my guinea pigs”.

Today, for me, it’s a new pair of Cat Eye sunglasses. I’m not making anything off this with affiliate links, so I’m selling you nothing: I’m sharing.

I’ll be road tripping in April from D.C. to Kansas City, MO. Then to Iowa and back over towards home. I needed new shades. My old one are a really modest, scuffed up, slightly cat eye Nine West pair I got from Ross, years ago.

I went a little more bold. I went a little more stylish:

Moderately sized, wooden, and polarized lenses

Amazon has these for $39.99 right now plus a $10 off coupon and they come in five different options. I just happen to get brown with grey lenses because I don’t like drawing attention to myself. *kaff/liesandslander/kaff*