I started off with cheap moving blankets that other users have verified worked for their small animals. I did a test on one in our top loader machine, and it came out noticeably thinner and left lint all over the machine, but wasn’t destroyed. I ended up taking the other five blankets to the laundromat and running them through a front loader on hot and drying them on hot, and they came out much better.

Here we go

Then I stacked them up on my living room floor, and had to lock my male cats up, while I measured them and started cutting 2 layers down the stack at a time. I let my cats back out. Had to cut my fleece:

Stewart found the pattern adequate

Next, you lay three layers of cheap moving blankets down on the fleece and prepare to pin the edges down.

Pin the edges with 2-3 inch safety pins, strong enough to pierce through 4 layers, with some brute force.

Good job, Mom!

Tom found the other mat I already pinned together while he was locked away

This is the tear down I was looking forward to in the dining room

You wouldn’t believe the stuff I had to sweep up that was trapped behind and under that thing

Then I cut the new tray size, after I repaired the litter tray that’s up against the wall.

We moved that into the living room

Tommy loves the new cat bed

I had to have Dismal help make the rest of the new pen and we got it up

But Tommy decided he wanted to be in the big reveal pic, so I obliged

Take Two, for the Gargoyle

I’m really sore today. It’s done. The liners aren’t pretty because I measured them fairly large. The girls did well, hanging out in the bedroom in their little swimming pool for 2 hours. I put 2 plush tunnels in their pool to get comfy in, but they shared the same one. I wasn’t ready to head downstairs and stuff their upstairs storage box with hay, so I put out another puck of their Oxbow Haystack.