I have supplies coming from Amazon. Packing tape, box cutter, zip ties, safety pins, moving blankets, a table with telescoping legs.
I’m going to turn the 2×6 C&C cage to a 2×4 C&C, and going to free up storage space underneath by more than just 14″x14″ compartments.
I’ll be washing the moving blankets on hot to see how much they shrink, then cutting them down and safety pin layers of them together with my old fleece cut to fit on top, from before I bought my cage liners. New liners are not in the budget, given that my girls are older. I have 3×3 liners in storage, but a third grid on width is really going to be cutting into space in our tiny dining room. I must have gotten them before Jen did the merger with Guinea Pig Market, because their section on liners says they don’t do custom work and 3×3 is non-standard.

I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing, and only a plan. But I’ve made 10 pig pens before.
It’s time consuming, and takes math.

Tommy Gargoyle with his guinea pigs