My eldest male, Tommy Gargoyle, really has his days sometimes. They were on hiatus for a great deal of time because he was on Prozac for over a year. He was so pent up with anxiety that he was spraying everywhere, everyday. I decided in December to take him off, and see what happened.

Today is an off day.

He’s running around the house, knocking things over, ruining a moderately priced box of confectionery, about to knock my dvd player over that has my massive collection of the entire Futurama series, leaping up door frames, trying to leave the house, going nuts in the kitchen while I’m making potato salad, then having a massive fit when I pull out the jar of mayonnaise, getting up from a solid nap every time I leave my place on the bed to use the restroom and petting me while I’m on the can WHILE HE TALKS TO ME ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT.

I am so close to giving him a few drops of Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet, but last time he had any, he’d built up a tolerance…