This shop is a dedicated supply store. There is not store front for birds at this location. You’ll never have to worry about your items being contaminated by some bird illness and brought into your home. Kathie has been doing this for years, and doing it well. I bought a double flight cage back in Phoenix in 2013, and I was definitely happy, but I ended up just putting it on the back burner for my regular supplies.

Honestly, I took a risk in buying my toys and treats from a local bird store in Arizona as well as a local rescue. Then I moved out here just on the edge of Washington D.C. and the nearest bird store is in Falls Church, VA. I bought one item from them on a visit when I first got here, and I don’t feel comfortable going back. Birds everywhere. Then I started buying off Amazon, thinking that was responsible and more affordable. I buy a 25 lb sack of Harrison’s every year for the girls around $150, and thought that was being responsible over buying the 5 lb sack every other month.

No, Lala, turn your brain back on.

Then it clicked. Go back and check out My Safe Bird Store.

I have been throwing away money.

Over $20 on Amazon

They have it for less than $15
My big bag of Harrison’s? It’s $130.99
Follow their Facebook Page for sneak discounts.

I didn’t even touch on customer service. During the checkout I was asked if I have a cat or a dog.

So, here’s my break down:
I ordered 12 play mats. I saved $64.50 vs Amazon, plus a holiday discount, and let me show you everything that blew my mind.

Oh Hi Tom

Everything is individually wrapped

Da birbs are happy

What’s this?


I think we’ve got some bonus foot toys to put together for the fids

And my kitties got a mouse to play with

If you didn’t have a reason before, now you have to.