allows me two new items each month to review for you, and this month we have some very affordable options for your birds, and your miniature fuzz butts.

Booda Medium Comfy Bird Perch Available in 14, 21, and 32 inches

We requested the 21 inch for our corner cage, which houses our 3 green cheek conures. These particular birds are about 70 grams a piece for your reference. It installed easily around the bars of the cage. The end pieces have a notch in them to slip your bar into, and then a cap that twists around the other side of the bar and locks it into place. This item is not just good for your birds, but I know from experience that you can probably get away with giving one of these to your pet rats as well.

Here are our nosy ladies, wondering why I’m trying to take pictures: Idris, Jak, and Koi

Installed down the back wall, with a Jak butt hanging out of the Happy Hut up top

New mat was hung behind the Booda Comfy Bird Perch

The other item we have is for “rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small pets”

Peter’s Veggie Salad Bowl Small Animal Treats, 3.5-oz bag

This was a neutral/success. It took them some time to try to destroy it.

Product contains timothy hay, dried carrots and broccoli, and potentially dried apples and cranberries, but I’m seeing different ingredients features on different parts of the product description.

Inside and outside of what is left after 1 1/2 weeks

I know at the beginning I mentioned affordability, but I mean it; You can get both of these for under $15.
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