Dr. Elsey’s has been providing quality litter solutions for years. Recently, they’ve started another product line called Cleanprotein that seems to care a lot about your cat and their nutritional needs.

This particular product caught my attention because of the extremely high animal protein content. I feed my boys raw. Cats are obligate carnivores and meant to eat mainly… MEAT! And, while I would love to have my girls on raw, or even wet food (which Dr. Elsey’s also has), Amalie is a kibble junkie so that’s what we’re testing in Chicken.

The cleanprotein Diet

Dr. Elsey’s emulates a cat’s natural carnivorous diet. Protein helps control hunger and maintain healthy body weight. Cats get very little carbohydrates in the wild from eating grass and plants for fiber. Cats do not normally eat grain, rice, vegetables, and fruits.

Protein is an important nutritional profile in your cat’s diet, with animal proteins having the highest biological values (BV) as compared to grains, fruits, and vegetables. Dr. Elsey’s cleanprotein helps promote a healthy, active lifestyle for all cats.

The girls:


Age 10
starting weight 9 lbs 8 oz

Princess Yue Pants

Age 8
starting weight 10 lbs 3.6 oz

If you recall, we were given a 2 lb bag to try June 7th

I started out doing 1/4 cup DECP to their other food for day 1
Moved to 1/2 cup DECP to their food on day 2
3/4 cup DECP to their food for day 3
And 1 full cup Dr Elsey’s Cleanprotein for day 4
Their weights allow up to 1 cup per day between the two.

Bag Front

Bag Back

I give them 1/8 cup whenever they’re hungry, and they usually don’t finish that portion until later after they’ve walked away and come back to it.
At the end of 10 days they now weigh:
Amalie 9 lbs 9 oz
Princess Yue Pants 10 lbs 2.8 oz

Which for me is kind of amazing because their old food was 448 kcal per cup and Cleanprotein is 544 kcal per cup.
The girls have regulated their own weight on a higher calorie diet because the digestible animal protein is supposed to help them feel fuller, longer.

At the end of the ten day period, we also still have 11 oz left of the 2 lb bag we were provided.

Now available on Chewy.com