Later this week I should be skyping with Dr. Pierson of about how we’re feeding the boys their raw. We’ve been doing ice cube portions since we started, but last week we started to weigh out the ice cubes before serving, making sure they were 1 oz. I added some turkey skin back into the last batch I made. I’ve been giving Tommy 6 oz and his weight was still teetering downwards. I started to give him 1 egg yolk per day starting last week, for the calorie boost. I’ll be weighing him again tomorrow after implementing all these methods to see if he’s bottomed out on weight loss yet, and I’m supposed to be talking to Dr. Pierson Wednesday evening.
I’m not sure if I should still be feeding him more or changing the formula, or if she’s going to recommend getting any lab work done.

I’m starting with Dr. Pierson first over our regular vet because our regular vet would only work with what they know. They would tell me how to gain weight with their food that they were taught in and not on the diet we’re using and want to keep him on. I’m afraid they would probably tell us to take him off the raw because it’s not working. It is. His metabolism changed somehow. He’s alert and active and naughty and loving and still takes naps after his meals instead of seeking out more. Therefore I am going to talk to the creator of the diet first and see if we can work the kinks out.