Stewart has controlled asthma. I have Flovent and ProAir inhalers for him with his AeroKat inhalation device.

Amalie doesn’t take to the Aerokat, so she doesn’t get Flovent or ProAir. Instead of getting targeted treatment directly into the lungs, she takes oral steroids every few months for a couple weeks when her coughing fits start up. I don’t like this because it’s systemic, but she’s ornery. This is the cat that also has struvite crystals in her urine, but won’t eat any wet food. I work with what I can with this little old cat.

I don’t really think of her as old because she hasn’t really changed her behavior, but she’s about 10.
I have a dog that was mine, who now lives with my parents, who at age 11, is falling apart.

So… yeah… old.