I had a dog named Lila that lived with me for a few years. Tommy grew up with her. She wasn’t a loud dog. She never really barked, but occasionally she would growl when someone got too close with something she liked. Tommy learned to growl too.

Since she moved away, Tommy doesn’t growl anymore. She went to go live with my parents after getting sick several times because she was eating out of the cat litter box. I put a proximity collar on her so she’d get a little static jolt if she got too close to it, but I hated doing it. My parents came for a visit and they liked her, so I took the collar off and sent her to go live in Iowa with other dogs.

I get updates. She doesn’t eat much and has been slowing down.
I got a call from my father about her earlier this week and his voice was weird. I knew she wasn’t dead, but before he could even describe to me what he’d witnessed, I said, “She had a seizure, didn’t she?”. He said now that I just came out and said it, sounds legit.

He marked it down on the calendar when I told him to track them and I sent him a link about seizure vs stroke in dogs.

She doesn’t have a history. She’s about 11. I just came out and said it without much feeling. I’ve recently dealt with a gravely ill cat who ended up in the hospital, and more recently, a cat that ate chocolate waffle one evening. What’s one more thing to toss on the fire with my family of pets?