Sunday night was another interesting one for the household. There was a half eaten chocolate waffle on the kitchen floor.

To induce vomiting you use a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution administered via syringe, the dosage being 5mL(1 tsp) for every 5 lbs of body weight for your cat. Do not exceed 15mL(1 TBS) per dose and you can repeat this once.

Tommy was the first culprit. We gave him 2 doses of the peroxide. The first thing he barfed was a bunch of dry food he’d recently stolen from the girls. By the third barf there may have been a darkening in color, but we couldn’t be sure it was waffle.

Then we grab Stewart. Now to preface this, Stewart has asthma.
We got one dose into Stew, but he snorted it up into his sinuses as he swallowed some, and next thing you know he’s honking and has bubbles pouring out of his nose and his father thinks he’s killed him.
The honking is isolated to his sinuses. He’s breathing fine with no wheezing or coughing; he’s just burned his nose.

He barfed once.

BF would not repeat the dosing to get more vomit, but he’s already convinced he’s killing his cat, and doesn’t want to risk more fizz going up though his sinuses. So Stewart only vomits once. I know more is in there. I call the ER and ask them how long this would go on and what to look for. They said if he starts being hyper and unmanageable, bring him in. Apparently, they think the caffeine from the chocolate will rear it’s head first.

Well he didn’t. He slept on my lap in the living room and between my legs all night. There was no vomit in the morning and he stayed in bed all day, only to leave when his feeder would go off and again when he heard the bag of treats in the kitchen. Theobromine in the chocolate can take 24 hours to leave the system.

By Tuesday he was back to normal.