I’m not in the greatest mental health or the best physical health. And while I was thinking about my Tommy dying on me recently as I admitted him to the hospital, I thought about what it would be like without him, and it sucks.
Well, yesterday I was thinking about what it would be like for him if he lost me. So I asked Dismal if he would still be his daddy and he said yes, but that the guinea pigs would have to go as well as the birds. He’s allergic to my guinea pigs and frankly I can ignore the birds way better than he can when they decide to be annoying little twats.
He said he would keep Tommy on his raw diet, but that he wouldn’t invest the hour or two in making it from scratch, but rather buy the pre-made raw medallions.
I’m hoping that with the resources in my links that we would be able to get a rescue to help him with the piggies.
I’d wish that he’d talk to my parents about my birds first before trying to place them. I don’t know of any rescues in the area so I’d think the second thing would be to contact some exotics vets and ask if they could help place them, and then there is that bird shop in Virginia.
Man, would things be different for Dismal just living with a couple of cats and his kids. He didn’t tell me what he would do with my tortie…my angry tortie…the tortie that hates his tux boy…the tortie that’s too good to use the cat flap…
Because he said he’s pretty sure she’s going to be the first to die.

So now that that’s out of the way:
Good to go.
I want to try to improve my health this year since I’m obese in my mid thirties and heart disease and cancer runs in my family and I used to smoke cigarettes. It’s not about the new year it’s just about being around. I’ve had my own animals come and go now for 11 years, starting with my sweet hamster Tator Tot.