The idea is to drive five guinea pigs, four cats and three parrots 30 hrs through state after state.

I don’t even think the driving is going to be the hardest part for me because once it’s over, we’re done.
The part that bothers me is my trust in physicians.
Not only do I have to find new doctors for myself and my mental issues, but I have to find good vets for all of the fids.
I had a lovely vet here in Phoenix for at least 4 years and then he mysteriously died in the hospital one weekend.
I gave it some thought when I chose a colleague of his, and even still it’s not the same.
So who do I know who to trust for my piggies and birds? I guess I can call my vet and ask if he has anyone out there he’s networked with through their various conferences.
I know of an Exotics hospital in Fairfax Virginia that treated my ferret in when I was 19. But I’d rather not try to take my pets on the beltway to get to appointments.
I use a general practice animal hospital right now for the cats. It seems like every appointment we make it’s with a different doctor but it’s usually same day.

All their doctors are about a half hour away.

Then I need to learn where the nearest emergency clinic is.
Then I need to see if there are any animal rescues in the area that have supplies I can by or if I need to just order from
I’ve been shopping my piggy pellets and hay at Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary for years and it takes about 45 minutes to get there.

I can do this.

I even looked up if there are any pet expos out there like the Phoenix Pet Expo, but it doesn’t look like there is anyone in their network for where I’m doing. SuperPetExpo is supposed to be there in January in Virginia, I think but it’s more of a national thing.

See, at the pet expo in Phoenix you get to network with all kinds of providers in your area. It would be very helpful.