Tommy’s nail is growing back really well since his last vet visit. I’m proud but I asked him not to do that anymore because it’s expensive.

I have everything I need right now. My medications, my laundry money for the guinea pigs, cat litter, cat food, piggy food, piggy litter, hay, laundry detergent, bird food, bird toys (destructive little fids, they are)

I can function through the end of the month with just $30 for produce for the guinea pigs, right?

I hate cutting it so close but I knew I was quitting that job and the disability payments were going to go away, and I paid cash for Tom’s vet visit, and the car insurance deductible when I crashed it in March.

I can manage.

So I pulled out my old lady guinea pig, Mu-Xi, and made her get some snurgles with me while I watched tv. Mu turns 5 this summer.