They are actually getting along much better than they were after the buddy baths. Sometimes Lily pecks at Mu-Xi to get out of her way, because she is an ever-expanding butt, but they can be seen in the litterbox under the hay side by side.

They didn’t have any squabbles when I was cleaning the pig pen a few days ago and left them in tight proximity in a laundry basket during the reset. I’m glad this is turning out so much better.

Lily is very fat. I weight her on Wednesdays and Saturdays. When she moved in, She was 889 grams. That was on January 13th. As of yesterday, February 7th, she weighs 1181 grams. I could very well still have a pregnant piggy and won’t know until later in March.

And as usual, I’m still raising funds for Chai’s treatment. I received enough for the deposit and she’s on her way to Oklahoma City.