Lily is obnoxious. After two weeks separate from Mu-Xi, they had their meet and greets on the floor in an open pen. Within ten minutes there was lunging at each other. I did this for two days.

Then I did the buddy bath. Both pigs got bathed together in the bathtub and then put into the main pig pen, after it had been completely swabbed down in vinegar water and some of the items inside moved around. I put them in the pen.

Again. Lily is obnoxious. Mu fears her and hides often. Lily will chase her around the pen relentlessly until she finds a new hiding spot. I had to take the large pigloo out because Lil would stick her head inside while Mu was in it and then when Mu was scared to death, Lil could stick her whole fat body in there and run Mu-Xi out, screaming.

They ate salad and snacks together. Lily just thinks the whole pen is great and everything in it is entirely hers. When I pick up Mu-Xi, she’ll usually go very quite and not move at all. Lily had chased her into another hidey and when I took Mu into my arms, she wouldn’t stop squealing for about two minutes.

I’m not happy with this. I’m hoping it will blow over. It’s not very nice that Mu-Xi has had it easy with Chai and Callie and Honey and now gets to deal with Queen Lil when she’s about to turn 4 this year.

In the meantime:

We’re still raising money for Chai’s fund