Coco died on August 18, 2011 at the vet’s office. She was taken in for an evaluation to be spayed. She had a history of cysts, with one rupturing in the office in February. My vet was basically “uhoh” when that happened so I asked him what that means. He told me (in February) that she could have an allergic reaction and we would notice within ten minutes. Signs would include unresponsiveness and respiratory distress.

Well, in August, a cyst had ruptured again either at the veterinary clinic or on that way there. In the waiting room she kept snuggling me and forcing her muzzle into me, as if she were asking for help. When we went into the examination room and was waiting for the vet to come in, she passed out in my arms. I called out for help and she was rushed to the back and put on oxygen and the doctor inserted a needle into her abdomen and confirmed a cyst ruptured because her belly was full of clear, yellowy beige fluid.

They watched her breathing decline and she was passing away. We took it a step further and gave her the two shots to end her suffering.

The reason I did not get her spayed when we first saw the cysts in February is because her weight was a little lower, and I did not want to put her through general anesthesia. I thought the risks were a little high. I didn’t know it was going to kill her, but the veterinarian told me to consider the last six months as bonus months, since this could have very well happened then.