That’s part of why I like this blog. When I can’t tell my head from my butt, I have documentations!
I guess I weighed the boys more than a month ago. Either that or I didn’t write the last one down. I’m still really glad they are showing progress.

I’m thinking about weighing every animal in the house soon. Just for posterity. I guess my girl cats at 10 and 11 lbs, but I’m probably wrong. I may do one guinea pig and not the other. I haven’t weighed the birds in years.

Oh and I’m finally trying to figure out the budget. I often forget to put the items I purchase for the pet family in my calendar. I don’t know how often I buy cat food for the girls, pellets for the parrots, or pellets for the guinea pigs. I figure I buy 84lbs of cat litter a month, if I remembered correctly that I buy litter every 3 weeks. Again, I could be wrong.

So I have a calendar set up with Google where I am trying to account for every little thing. Oh geez, I don’t even know how often I buy Carefresh for the guinea pigs. I have no concept of time.

The last time I remembered that I knew what I was doing was 6 years ago, buying 50 lbs of pellets and 50 lbs of hay every other month for the guinea pigs.

I need to account for 2 guinea pigs, 3 parrots and 4 cats. Should be easy, right?