Food really is love, isn’t it? But we have to redefine the love we show for our pets. I never want to deprive Tommy of love or snacks, and I don’t have to. There are specially formulated treats that work within the Hill’s Metabolic Formula “plan”.

I’m not feeding him as much on this controlled diet, but I’m feeding him better, and his health is going to reflect that. A healthier cat is a happier cat! Stewart has been doing great on the program too, getting as full and satisfied that some nights he has leftovers from his daily allowance.

Hills Metabolic Formula Advanced Weight Solution has dry and canned food, as well as treats to keep everyone happy and healthy.

I used to let them eat whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted, and I had two fat cats to show for it. I love them, but I wasn’t loving them in the right ways. Getting them to a veterinarian for an evaluation and action plan was crucial. It was easy. The hard part was developing a schedule at home. I know how much to give them during a day, treats to feed them on occasion, and I get a leaner and more energetic kitty to appreciate when it’s all done.

PetMD has an article with some useful information.

Even if your pet is only a few pounds overweight, it’s a much larger percentage to them than it is if it would happen to us. Their health is important. Get on top of it and love your pet. There is an average of 88% of pets on this diet showing weight loss results within 60 days. You can make a huge improvement in as little as two months.

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