When Bub gets sick, he goes all out on my wallet. Even after discount we managed to rack up about $500.

He’s been randomly vomiting for three or four days so we went in. We did bloodwork to check organ function, gave him an anti nausea injection, took x-rays and injected him with subcutaneous fluids. The fluids gave him a hump like a camel and the x-rays showed his bowel is backed up and the Bub is constipated, possibly contributing to the nausea.

Now I’ve got him on mostly canned food for the moisture, in the same diet formula he’s been on (yay) and he’s taking liquid stool softeners twice a day.

So far, no vomiting in the last 28 1/2 hours. The vet called to check in him and said that the formal report from radiology came back stating that his intestines were irritated, leaving the possibility that if the vomiting returns, inflammatory bowel disease could be a culprit… BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET 🙂

Hopefully we’re going to get through this ok and his abdomen won’t be so firm very soon.

Oh Tommy.